I'm looking for someone to share a nice and decent-sized flat in Wanchai. It's nothing fancy -- just simple and comfortable. There are two bedrooms (I'm in one of them), a bathroom and a kitchen. 700 sq. ft. in total. Rent would be HK$3,500 each.

Also, it's partially furnished. There's a couch, fridge, washing machine, air-con (x3), and a microwave. Oh, and a rooftop -- but that doesn't really count as furniture. That just counts as awesome.

The only drawback -- well, I guess it depends on how you look at it -- is that it's five floors up without a lift. I just consider it good exercise.

Of course, I'm looking for the perfect flatmate, so you'd have to fulfill most of the following criteria:

- easy-going
- intelligent
- clean
- non-smoking
- sociable
- brilliant
- astonishingly good-looking
- considerate
- quick-witted
- illiterate

If you're interested, drop me a private message, and we'll talk.