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    Please check your PM so I can have a look at your ID myself.

    You can also check yourself here:

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    azurenights: I have a similar background as you do and I was able to get my HK permanent residence card back in 1998. I was born overseas, am of foreign nationality and never lived in Hong Kong until recently. So I think you should try applying for the permanent residence card. Also, it is recommended that HK PR's living outside hong kong (like your mom) comes back for a visit every so often.
    I have heard about somebody who applied for the PR for his child and they were questioned by the immigration officer as to why the child should be granted PR when the parent has not returned to HK since emigrating.

    Even with a PR, I'm having the same difficulty finding a summer internship in HK because I'm not conversant in Cantonese, and my Mandarin isn't good either. I will be going into my final year and already I am worried about getting a job that I like in HK. I was told by the career center advisor that my chances are slim except with investment banks (but of course, you will probably be competing with graduates from top b-schools overseas) And she even told me to consider applying to other countries like Singapore, which do not require chinese language proficiency. I have thought about Australia as well, since my sister is already there. so I am just wondering why you prefer to work in Hong Kong?