I applied to four universities in HK : HKUST, HKU, Chinese U, and CityU, all for business-related courses.

My application to UST has been unsuccessful
My first choice programmes at HKU and CUHK have also been unsuccessful, but in both schools my second and third choices are still under consideration.
Although I am disappointed, I kind of expected this because these are the top 3 schools in HK, and are all in the top 5 of asia.
It's already late june.. do you think I still have any chances of being admitted into my second choice programmes at CUHK or HKU? If they were to accept me, maybe would have already.. but at the same time, if they were to reject me, they would probably have done so by now.

I got into CityU, and I accepted CityU's offer into their Business Economics course in Aug 2010.
I'm quite happy with this turnout, but I wanted more feedback.

I've been getting a lot of mixed opinions of CityU. I realized that on this forum there are a lot of negative comments about cityU, regarding the level of education. But at the same time I also hear that it is still only a young and fast developing school with lots of potential and a great vision. What do you guys think about CityU, or more specifically, the college of business at cityU? I could not find much opinions about the business college of CityU in specific. Please give your honest opinions

And it is my understanding that even if I enroll at cityU, I can transfer to HKU or CUHK after my first year? but of course I would need excellent grades.. does this transfer happen often?

Im sorry for having so many questions :s