Indian wants to move to Hong Kong

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    Indian wants to move to Hong Kong

    Hi all!

    I am an Indian living in Kuwait and am looking for a job in Hong Kong.

    I know that Indians do not need a visit visa to enter Hong Kong on visit. What I would like to know is the immigration laws for us if I want to work in Hong Kong, will I need a sponsor or a company to sponsor me and if i can transfer to a work visa directly. How does the immigration process go???



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    Browse around the immigration forum. You'll find plenty of information here.

    Also, a good place to start .. if this is not a seriously researched question is

    The immigration laws for employment do not discriminate based on nationality.

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    For your visitors visa you will be given 14 days in most cases.

    You do need a sponsor first then you can apply for an employment visa. I recommend once you have secured a sponsor in Hong Kong to apply for the visa when you are overseas as if you try and apply in Hong Kong they will ask why did you not apply before you came into the country.

    If you are currently working for a company in Kuwait and they plan to transfer you to their Hong Kong office as an inter company transfer this is actually a bonus when applying for an employment visa, than working for a new company.