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    Shipping Companies

    Anyone know of any companies that ship goods from Canada to Hong Kong? Wohoo, I'm so excited..not moving my stuff, i've over 20 boxes of clothes %&^$%^

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    Hi there. I've spent like 30 minutes to look up the shipping/moving company I used when I moved from Toronto to Hong Kong FOR YOU! Here you go:

    Wilcan Cargo Express

    2265 Midland Avenue,
    Scarborough, ON M1P 4S2
    Tel. : 416-299-0069

    I've shipped 40+ boxes (a one-bed apartment including a full kitchen but almost no furniture) and they arrived in 2 or 3 months. I forgot how much it exactly cost me (I'm guessing around 1K Canadian) but I could look it up if you really, really, really want to know. The GOOD thing about this company is that:

    They do door-to-door service which means they come and pack everything for you PROFESSIONALLY, including my computer, speakers, stereo equipment, etc. The packing materials (i.e. boxes) are all free, or included in the price you could say. They charge the packing by hour rate plus the 'area' the boxes occupy in a container. So I went to pick up a whole bunch of boxes (new) and packed most of the packable stuff by myself. Then they arrived at your door in Hong Kong in 3 months, which gave me plenty of time to look for a permanent place. AND you can request to have the boxes stored (the first month is free, then they charge a small amount of fee thereafter) in Hong Kong if you need more time to 'reunite' with your boxes. Believe it or not, I packed pretty much everything I owned (except furniture) which included printer paper, kleenex and bathroom stuff so that I didn't have to walk and carry them home here. Apparently it took me a long time to adapt to this no-more-driving life.

    Good luck and WELCOME to Hong Kong.

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    If you don't need packing then it's better to use a normal cargo service, even with the freight forwarding suggested in previous post.
    I suggest putting the boxes on a plastic pallet and let the forwarder wrap them with film in order to protect them a bit and avoid cartons to become wet. You should be able to save some money compared to a removal service.
    Just remember to provide a very detailed packing list with value for each item for Customs purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by viva_la_diva:
    i've over 20 boxes of clothes %&^$%^
    Are you sure you're going to have an apartment big enough to put those in???