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    Smile More questions on marriage in HK


    I have a few questions about marriage in HK.

    I am a Filipino and my girlfriend is a UK citizen and a HK permanent resident. Right now, I live in the Philippines and she lives in the UK. We plan to get married in HK so that her relatives can attend the civil ceremony. After that, we plan to move to the Philippines, and then in a few month, move to the UK.

    First question, do I need to get a visa before entering HK for the purpose of marriage? Or, can I just get a tourist visa at the HK airport? If I go the tourist visa route, when the immigration officer at the airport ask me what my purpose for visiting HK is, is it an acceptable reason to say I am entering HK to get married or should I not mention that fact and say instead I am just a tourist? Will this cause me problems later?


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    More questions on marriage in HK (part 2)

    Second question, if I do get a tourist visa, Filipinos are only admitted for a maximum of 2 weeks. We don't plan to stay in HK any longer than it is necessary to get married. Is there any way by which I do not have to stay in HK for 2 weeks or longer, and perhaps just arrive a few days before the wedding itself?

    As a side question, if I arrive in HK and am granted 2 weeks stay as a tourist and then leave HK for Macau and stayed there overnight, when I re-enter HK, do I get a new 2-week visa or not?

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    Smile More questions on marriage in HK (part 3)

    Third question, aside from my birth certificate and passport, is there any other document that I need to present when she and I get married? I keep hearing about "certificate of no impediment" when it comes to marriages in other countries but I don't seem to notice that as a requirement on the website of the HK immigration service.

    Thanks a lot!

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    try here, hope fully they can answer all your questions.