working conditions to expect?

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    Question working conditions to expect?

    Hello everyone,

    I am thinking about moving to HK and hope to get some advice. I will have soon an interview in HK for a Sales/Marketing position with a globally established US based company. I am Europoan, 27years old, have a Bachelor of Science, a Professional Bus. Adm. Certificate, speak fluently English, German, Spanish, conversational Japanese , and understand a bit of a few more. I have about 3 years international workexperience, and I am currently in Japan. I am doing some research on salaries in HK, and was wondering if some of you may have some suggestions. I want to have some information before going into the interview, in case we get to the point to negotiate my salary. So how much should I ask for. Also is it possible to get a housing allowance and other extras at this level, or is that only common at higher management levels.
    I know this is a very broad field, but I would really appreciate any comments you may have.

    Thanking you in advanced.

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    >> how much should I ask for

    Depends on what you're selling.

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    Since you are an expatriate, it is just natural for you to ask about housing allowance, regardless of whether you're in the management level.

    If your language skills and previous work experience are applicable to the position you're interviewing for, you can ask for higher salaries. You can read all about average salary levels in Hong Kong, but do not believe any of that, because salaries are very negotiable here.

    Also, you'll find things in Hong Kong to be much cheaper than in Japan, especially if you currently live in Tokyo.