flatemate wanted DISCOVERY BAY/15TH MAY

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    flatemate wanted DISCOVERY BAY/15TH MAY

    Hi there
    Flatmate wanted for beautiful apprtment at Discovery Bay, near the ferry pier, short term lease preferred, say till September or max till december.
    3000/- HGD/per month including utilities.
    Your room is quite ok for HK size , has a bed and a lovely view of the mountains to boot...available on 15th may..
    drop me an email at [email protected]


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    just wondering

    Hi just wondering if you found someone for your room? I will be coming to work in HK mid July and trying to find a flatsahre...will be working in Central but presume its not difficult to get to central from DB. I'm mid 30's, non smoker , friendly,relaxed and easy going, coming to work as a nurse/midwife.(English)
    I pretty sure you'll have found someone to rent the room but wondered if you could let me know the best place to look...on here or wait till I get ther and check out the newspaers??
    Many Thanks
    [email protected]