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    Question Sheung Wan / Tai Po

    Me and my boyfriend are looking to come to HK this Summer ans we have an accomodation dilemma. We are currently still looking for jobs and most of them seem to be located on HK island or Kowloon. My family have an appartment in Tai Po, New Territories for only $4000 a month. However whilst this price is good we are worried about how far it is from Kowloon and HK island.
    We have also found an appartment in Sheung Wan for $6500 a month, which is more expensive but at least it is closer.

    Can anyone give me any information about living in either of these areas. Does anybody know how long it'd take to get from Tai Po to HK island? Is it unreasonable?

    We'd love to live near the countryside and peace and quiet but realise that is not realistic when looking to live somewhere convenient in HK.

    I appreciate all your help.



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    living in the boondocks

    I think you're looking at around 45 mins from Tai Po station to Central, if KCR and MTR railways. Maybe can push down to half an hour or little more, esp if to Kowloon.

    If you like quieter, more country life, maybe not barmy to look at islands. As across water, maybe seem distant, but fast ferries around half an hour to Central.
    Gotta admit bias here, as I'm on Cheung Chau. (Then, I mostly work at home; mind you, a few thousand people commute each day.)

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    If you want to live in the countryside, I think you'd be fairly miserable at Sheung Wan. But on the other hand, in Tai Po, if you're living within walking distance from the station, it's not really that rural either. If you really wanna get out into the countryside but you're working on HK island or TST, your commute would consist of
    1) Minibus to KCR station
    2) KCR to Kowloon Tong
    3) Kowloon Tong to Mong Kok
    4) Mong Kok to your final destination
    or maybe
    1) Minibus to KCR station
    2) KCR to Hung HOm
    3) Bus to your final destination

    Including waiting times for transferring, it might take up to an hour from door to door. Also you could find it stressful, especially on the last two legs of that journey people are packed in like sardines on the train.

    You could also try looking at northwest New Territories --- areas near some West Rail stations are still fairly undeveloped, and the very low passenger volume on West Rail means you'll have a relaxing commute with only one transfer to get to TST or Central, unlike on East Rail. (Though I think that relaxed situation won't last for long, maybe several years at most).

    But anyway, over the next few years there will be a lot of changes in HK transportation. First, there's Tsim Sha Tsui extension opening up on East Rail later this year, which means you could go straight from Tai Po to TST, and need only one transfer to get to HK island. Then in about 4-6 years you'll have Shatin-Central link, which means you wouldn't have to transfer at all, probably about 35 minutes for the total train ride.

    Outlying islands are also great, except in the event of a typhoon getting you stranded.

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    Even though the apartment in Sheung Wan seems like only $2000 more than the one in Tai Po, go have a look at it! I can almost guarantee that it will be a tiny little dump, and the one in Tai Po will be a nice big place, with lots of room, clean fresh air, and will be much quieter.

    Also, you haven't found a job yet, so why not live in the cheaper place for now, start looking for work close to you, and go from there!