Serviced apts? Grand Plaza, Harbor Plaza..?

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    Cool Serviced apts? Grand Plaza, Harbor Plaza..?

    Hi, everyone,

    I'm moving to HK in August for 4 months and would like to find a serviced apartment for that period. Since I need to be as close to HKUST as possible but can't find any serviced apartments nearby, I'm looking at Grand Plaza and Harbour Plaza North Point on the island. Has anyone lived there and can share their experiences? (I've never been to HK and have no idea what I should be expecting) Any better ideas regarding serviced apts closer to HKUST? I need a 1-bedroom (2 people) that's $16-17HK at most.



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    Another response

    I found that apts are advertised at much less than the ones available. Harboutr Plaza Northpoint is a nice one at Quarry Bay.. Guess that's near on of the taikoos. Not a bad choice, but likely more than your budget. Good luck.

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    I am in Grand Plaza and the apartments are very nice. The only annoying thing is that they ruined two shirts at the laundry and I was told that if I didnt like the service I could go to another place, pretty rude I think.

    They were my favorite shirts.

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    ...sorry for your shirts...I hope I never have to use their laundry!
    Glad you like living there though - can you tell more?? What is it like to live in the area - noise, air quality, crime, etc.? I also heard there's some kind of reconstruction going on between May and November (??) - does this create problems for you?



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    I just booked myself into Harbour Plaza Northpoint. Will find out how it is. So far I've been very satisfied with their quick response, and their full facilities and harbour view are just hard to resist!