Working SPouses in HK?

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    Working SPouses in HK?

    I'm new to the site and so far it seems great!

    I have just received a preliminary offer to move to HK with my current company. My husband and I are thrilled at the prospect of moving to HK - we were passing through last year and spent 2 great days based at the Conrad Hilton and loved it!

    My husband will be giving up a lot to move - he is the president of a regional networking consulting firm in St Louis. Any thoughts on how challenging it might be for him to find a challenging opportunity? We both speak only English.

    We are still a little shell-shocked at our new opportunity and any incite is sincerely appreciated!

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    Firstly, congratulations on your offer!!

    Good to see that you are doing your homework and I do hope your offer is generous enough for you not to have to make any sacrifices in return. Remember to check basic things like housing allowances, return trips, education expenses, etc. that I'm sure more qualified people than myself can help you with here.

    To try and answer your question specifically re: your husband, it is certainly alot for him to give up. If his present position as regional president is with a multinational, he could try to leverage that assuming they may have a local office here (or even in South Asia), otherwise he could realistically be facing an uphill battle. Even if language was not an issue, the unemployment rate is relatively high meaing there are a number of qualified (local and expat) people looking for employment here. Also as you probably know, network consulting (similare to IT?) isn't the booming field it once was just a few years back...

    That being said, there are a number of recruitment firms -- some better or more specialized than others -- who can help, and I don't mean to discourage you both however, so don't take it the wrong way! It might be worthwhile for him to send out his cv and see if there is any positive feedback from the local firms before taking the big plunge.

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    I think what fly said makes sense. Since you husband has a company in the US, leveraging it for the asian region is an option.
    Executive Search companies are always in the look out for well experiences people in the network IT field, I am in the network IT field as well, although it has been a nuclear winter for us, Network IT has proven to be something companies can not do without.
    As I see, business is picking up in the US and hopefully this will also have some good effect in this region. Suggest for your husband to make a few calls, to some contacts in the region before coming.

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    I'm currently in a similar wife's company just moved us here from MS last month.

    It is tough out there, but there are opportunities (certainly for someone with a solid background like he has). I've already been given one offer and I haven't even started looking yet.

    We determined that the experience justified any risk of my not finding a job here...good luck with your decision!