In a month I'll be finished with my one-year contract in HK with a kindergarten school. I was recruited and sponsered from Canada with just a degree, and a CELTA, which is a TESL cert for teaching adults (hey, I didn't know I'd get this job). I also have lots of childcare experience as a nanny and otherwise, which I don't think matters much to immigration, but I could be wrong. My school has offered to renew my contract, which apparently makes getting my visa renewal a breeze, but there are a couple of other schools I'd rather work for, even for a paycut. They have shown interest in hiring me and willing to sponser me, but since, they tell me, that I'm not registered as a qualified teacher, and not even as a non-qualified teacher, and I don't have ECE or the Q-KT cert, there is a good chance that immigration, looking at my case more closely because of the change of sponser, would reject me. This is what one school has found out when they made their own enquiries to immigration. What do you think? What can I do about this? It's too late to enroll in this Q-KT course. I want to stay in Hong Kong. What kind of risk do you think I'm taking by seeking a new employer?
Thanks for listening.