Emigration question, employer and IRD

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    Emigration question, employer and IRD

    Seeing as there is no HK Emigration forum, I hope this is the next best place to ask. Here's the situation:

    A friend of mine has informed her employer that she's leaving HK and must leave her job. A bit sad, but nothing new there.

    However her employer has informed her that she must confirm with IRD (not sure how) and provide them (the employer) that her taxes are paid in full prior to them releasing the final paycheck to her.

    My question is: does this sound right? while she's not planning to do a runner on her HK taxes, will there be any issues if -- at the end of the day, say --she doesn't end up leaving? I've told her my strictly non-expert advice that there should not be any impact as far as the IRD is concerned, people are able to change their minds and circumstances change. At worst, she'll have prepaid her taxes which would have been due anyways, and the company should release her paycheck based upon any confirmation from IRD that she's not in debt to them (which she shouldn't be anyways, isnt' that what Provisional tax is for? Plus she's not planning to withdraw her MPF either).

    Any ideas out there?

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