Tesol, Tefl, Etc????

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    Tesol, Tefl, Etc????


    I am an Aussie bloke married to a native HK Chinese. We are currently in Australia, as we came back here to have our son, but will be returning to HK within the next month or two.

    My query is as follows:
    I am looking into doing some English Teaching in HK and would like to get my TESOL, TEFL and whatever else I can by the end of this year by studying online. I am after information on which online company to use to get these. In other words, which ones are recognised in HK so when I do them I have not wasted my time and money if they are not recognised in HK.

    Would anyone know which ones have the best reputation around the world for thier qualifications? Any advice or point me in the right direction would be appreciated. I have sent numerous emails, both in English and Chinese to certain Government departments for info/advice and have not received one reply, which I am finding is quite normal for HK.

    Thanks in advance for your time!

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    Taking onlinetefl.com works to get a job, esp since your visa should be covered by your wife. But, it depends what you want, some places, very few at that want to see you took a classroom course. So if you want to take classroom course you can, online will get you a job, but may not get you into EMB NET scheme which you need a degree to get in to and having TEFL from a classroom helps.