Girlfriend wants to work in Hong Kong

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    Girlfriend wants to work in Hong Kong

    I am hoping to gain employment in Hong Kong one day but am concerned that my partner may not be able to work there. She is currently in a professional role.. and I am wondering how difficult it would be for her to gain employment in Hong Kong. She is currently involved in Human Resourses.. Recruitment. I am an Expat and if successfull in the employment I am hoping for will have a sponsored visa. (as I understand things)

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    It is best for your girlfriend to arrange a job offer before she comes to Hong Kong and then apply for an employment visa.

    There are job opportunities available, but your partner has to have the requirements that she has skills that the company willing to sponsor her that cannot be found within the Hong Kong community. The immigration department does not just look at the applicant but also the background of the company willing to hire a foreign national.

    Please note because you are not married she would be unable to apply for a dependant visa, this can be done once you are married.

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    Thanks for the reply Emigra. Are there any good local (Hong Kong) websites to find current vacancies?? I've done a search but can't seem to find anything.

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    Thanks for the replies guys... (or girls) Very handy.

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