Cable/Satellite TV/Wireless internet in Discovery Bay??

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    Lightbulb Cable/Satellite TV/Wireless internet in Discovery Bay??

    Could anyone pls help me with the questions below?

    1. How do I get cable TV (CNN, Fox, etc) in Discovery Bay ? Is there a website that has the list of channels available? Is it expensive??

    2. How easy is it to get broadband internet connection (wireless or otherwise) in Discovery Bay? Any idea of the monthly charges?

    Many thanks!

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    DB is no different from anywhere else in HK except that the management company provides wireless internet in some of the common areas. Other than that just read the many, many threads already here on these questions. See the "Similar Threads" list below for places to start.

    But basically you just need PCCW Netvigator and NOW Broadband TV (which carries CNN, Fox and lots of other stuff). With 8MB and a few pay channels you will probably pay around HK$300/month with a 12-18 month commitment.