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    Unhappy The Booger Addict

    I started a new job recently, and the good news is despite the hours generally speaking it's low stress... The bad news, my new desk is located outside the office of one whom I will not name - who daily, hourly, seems to enjoy snorting his own sputum.

    Having been in my new cube a few weeks now my hopes that his 'cold' would subside seem to be crashing...

    And to make matters worse I think he enjoys the fact that he likely annoys the heck out of every living thing he crosses paths with.

    And so I wonder, how will I make do and two, can I sneak in a camcorder to gather content for YouTube.

    Certainly there is a 'most annoying cube-mate' contest somewhere that I can enter, and hopefully win the accompanying 4 day Carribean Cruise allowing me a few days away from the echos of the oh-so-very loud snot snorting man.

    Thanks in advance for your support here of my odd predicament which couldn't be posted anywhere except for the 'everything else' forum as I guess 'everything else' includes my seeking support in dealing with sputum related troubles.

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    Fo Tan

    Fairly common in China, sorry. Beijing is trying to stamp out the practice before the Olympics because most of the world feels like you.
    No idea why this would become such a widespread habit; maybe the air quality?