Best way to cash cheque from U.S

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    Best way to cash cheque from U.S

    Do you know a way to cash a cheque from U.S without paying a lot of fees? We just received a few U.S. cheques from $20 to $200 in the mail. Any advice? Thanks.

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    hmmm... what are the fees? In the past I just deposited them in HSBC advantage and the fee was very small. Can you send it to the US for deposit? BofA has a system where they let you deposit checks with their app by taking a photo of it.

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    HSBC Charges HK$100 to deposit them. I believe its a flat fee because I deposited 1 check and Mr. MCDC deposited 3 and we were both charged the same amount, so I would deposit them all at the same time to avoid additional fees

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    Thanks. I will give them a call.