What to bring?

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    What to bring?

    We recently moved from the States to Europe and now we'll be moving to Hong Kong over the summer. We plan to take a few m3 in a crate (less than container load) by boat, guessing 4-6m3, just personal belongings, kitchen ware, kids stuff, etc. I was wondering whether it's worth taking a few of our small European appliances because I don't want to buy everything again (and since we're shipping anyway boxes anyway, I guess 40 or so). Electricitiy is also 220V, only different plug, but that's probably easy to solve (I use converters here for my US appliances which are almost triple the price here in Europe, especially now; won't bring the big ones).

    Any suggestions. The company is giving us an amount for moving but I won't cover everything (we're hoping and expecting big bonuses), so I want to try to be as cost efficient as possible.


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    on the road again

    Take all of your 220V appliances + stock up on clothes for the kids (Old Navy, Gap...).

    Converters/adapters are much cheaper here.