$18,000 HK/month. Is this good?

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    $18,000 HK/month. Is this good?

    I will begin working in July as an English/Drama teacher. I've had about a year of teaching experience and I have a Canadian citizenship. Is an $18-22,000 monthly salary reasonable enough? Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    >> Is an $18-22,000 monthly salary reasonable enough?

    Do you think it is? Whats the opportunity cost ...

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    I'm really in it for the opportunity. I have a Drama degree and I thought I would never be able to use it so I'm just glad that I found a job like this. Plus, it will be an adventure to be in another country on my own. I suppose 18K/month is not so bad. As long as I can sleep, eat, drink, and shop comfortably! ;-) Thanks KnowitAll and **!