Hi ,
I applied for my helpers visa(she is currently in India) a month back.Day before the immigration called me and said that on one of the forms ,I had forgotten to write the contract number.I told them over the phone but they did not understand.I went there personally but they they did not allow me to write the number.They said the helper has to do that, which is really a wierd request.Even they could have written it themselves since they also have the contract with them.Anyway ,I submitted the form again and now I am not sure how many more days it will take to get the visa.I am going to India to get my helper here.My tickets and her ticket to HK are already booked.But if I do not get the visa before that ,it will be a problem.Is it ok if I call them and ask the status.One of the things that I had read ws if you ask them the status,the processing gets delayed.Has anyone had any experience on this?