Should i do it?

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    Question Should i do it?

    Hey guys,

    Think i already know the answer to this question, which is: whether it is a good move to fly by the seat of my pants and move to HK for a few months?

    I know i couple of people who moved out there straight after graduation 2 and half years ago, and are still there. They love it, one in fact moved back to UK then decided to go back to HK.

    My plan would be to spend a few months in HK before heading down under to Australia to work and travel.

    I guess i have already decided im going to do it but was wandering how people got on if/when they did a similar thing. Horror stories acceptable too, would be good to see both sides of things.


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    So what do you plan to do while you are here? Work, study or what? You can come on a UK passport for 6 months as a tourist, but you can do all the tourist things in a week or two at most...

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    Depends on you. Who you are and what you're like.
    Ask someone who knows you well. Do you have close friends or family you can ask?

    Don't ask strangers. Advice without responsibility is like a parachute with no rig.

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    Well... I returned to the UK recently and i can't stand it here anymore. So, I've decided it's time to move back! Again. All happening within three months of leaving.

    Stress of living life in the fast line! I suppose.

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    HK can be a cold {not in the climatic sense} and lonely place if you don't know many people and have no job.

    think carefully WHY you want to come to HK and not another place.

    also, maybe try to find a job before you come out.

    I also stayed in Oz for a little while and it seems a little more laid back than HK. it depends what sort of person you are and what you are after.

    maybe if you do come out, get an open ticket so you can stay longer if you like it or move on quicker if things don't quite work out.