What is "too low salary"?

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    What is "too low salary"?

    I've just read in one of the postings that for a working visa your salary isn't supposed to be "too low", otherwise it will be rejected. I've got a job offer of 17k (I can live with my boyfriend), I'm EU citizen and I've got a master's degree in business. Only one year of working experiences, but knowledge in four european languages.
    How are my chances for a working visa? Would that salary be too low? Can anyone give me some advise. Thanx alot!

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    Your salary is one of the many factors which can deny your visa. You should also not be replacing what might be easily available local talent. (I suspect your four langauges can be used as a differentiator).

    Also, it really depends on who is applying and what the job is.

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    What is "too low salary"?

    I usually recommend around 20k

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    17k is an alright salary as someone mentioned 20k is better and around about the mark although i know people who got work visas on a salary for 13k to 15 k.

    i think the biggest problem is your work experience with only 1 year experience gives immigration suspect that your position can easily filled by HK citizen.

    not saying that they will reject it but my focus would be adding more value to your work experience