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    Foreign girlfriend


    I am currently suffering from some nice dilemmas, due to an unforeseen romance with a Filipino woman. It has evolved and we are in a phase where we would like to try living together. I am a HKID card holder (work permit), previously unmarried with a good salary.

    As one can imagine, marriage is not the most attractive choice -- atleast not for me -- and given my understanding of the immigration laws, I would not be able to apply for a dependancy visa for her under these circumstances.

    So my question is: Are there any ways to legally allow her to live (not necessarily work) in Hong Kong, and what are the future possibilities of obtaining a work visa (under the assumption she is not married)?

    Would it be illegal or could it pose any problems with immigration further down the line if she applied for a visa as a domestic helper and all paperwork (and 'salaries') were properly filed and in order? Also, could I get in legal trouble for entering a relationship with an 'employee'?

    I'm quite new to Hong Kong and have little to no experience with the immigration -- essentially just picked up the HKID, so any help or advice would be more than appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

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    >> could I get in legal trouble for entering a relationship with an 'employee'?

    Absolutely. Lots of areas where you could get into trouble if and when things go sour.