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    Post editor salary range

    Hello all,
    Thanks in advance for the wealth of information you're all about to impart. ;-)
    I'm an American journalist with fifteen years worth of experience covering all aspects of newspaper and magazine production from writing, photojournalism and design supervision. I'm currently managing editor of an internationally distributed travel trade magazine. Prior to my current job, I was a photo and design editor for Singapore Press Holdings.
    My wife is Asian and we are attempting to move to Asia as soon as a reasonable opportunity presents itself so she can be closer to her aging parents.
    I've noticed that most posted jobs ask you to give them an expected salary range. Can anyone tell me what kind of salary I should ask for when I apply for a job as an editor in Hong Kong?
    Also, we have twin daughters, age 9, who obviously will need to attend school while we're there so we'll also need to know the cost of international schools and whether most companies would cover that as well.
    Again, thank you in advance for you assistance!

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    School costs usually would budget for about $6-7000 / month / daughter, to cover tuition, school bus / transportation, extra curricular and other incidental expenses at the ESF.

    Their tuition is HK$ 78,600 (secondary) and HK$ 47,300 (primary) per student per year.

    It is not unusual for a company to cover these expenses and it is also not unusual for them to not cover. All depends on what you have negotiated with the company.

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    thanks...any more?

    Thanks KIA...anybody else have any suggestions?

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    Very nice...thanks much!