day 1 in HK

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    day 1 in HK


    Seeing that there are plenty of new postings for people having just moved here, not sure why i am starting a new one! Well, i just moved to this bustling little corner of Asia today, and it suddenly dawned on me how little i know of the place and its people. so here i am with a couple of suitcases (luckily i got a temporary roof over my head) and feeling a little lost. if there are any other newbies who wanna team up to explore the city and beyond, i know a good starting point to the tour, this place called LKF which i hear is where all the action is - drop me a line, a PM, whatever, and lets make this weekend a trek through the urban jungle. i am 29 male and just transferred here from New York, working at a bank, in case that matters.

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    Hi WWE.
    Good luck with it all. I am moving to HK this Sunday (transferring for work too) and am in the same position. I know 2 ppl. I am 30 and moving from Australia. So let me know how you get on with your first few weeks.
    The apartment hunting is a little daunting so any tips would be great.


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    hi HB, forget the first few weeks, it took me only one weekend to meet lots of new people (incidentally half of them were australian) and so initial impression was a very solid positive one for the city (other than the weather and the traffic). good luck with your move, and as a tip, sign up early to get an appt. with the immigration office for your HK ID, u will need it in those first few weeks for a credit card, cell phone etc. i dont have the website handy but just google it and u can make an appointment online before u even get here.