Racism in Hong Kong

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    **, what's that stench?

    I don't mind Indian curry so much, it's that Pakistani Curry that really gets me, all that liquified fat and over fried onions and tons of over powering stile garlic. You wouldn't believe it, in England. I feel like living in the middle of Pakistan.


    Thread hi-jacking hua...

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    Mind your own f**k'n business!

    **, stranger yet is that you don't recognize sarcasm when you see it! Do you really think i would expect a law passed to stop people cooking? I know appartment blocks in Australia that have stronger cooking smells than anywhere here, it's just part of multicultural living.

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    racism follows from nationalism and other normative pressures, so of course if you find yourself in a minority group you're going to feel the effects of racism

    i am repeatedly told how HK has no racism, but this is just not true, or particular to HK. there is also the reverse..something like racial worship but of course not that blind. if you put Japanese, Mainland chinese, HK chinese, Korean, Phillipino in a loose hierarchy of acceptance from a HK perspective, you'll see what i mean.

    doesn't seem to be much aggressive racism though--there are so many people that the tactic seems to be to just turn a blind eye, like a modern case of Ellis' "The Invisible Man" about african american experiences in the south.

    you will see yourself differently though--in that infamous piece that i forget the details of..about the African who relocated to France and began seeing himself through the eyes of the local value system..blah blah

    sorry, going on a bit

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    On that note ....

    Lets move on ...