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Illegal Subletting

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    Yes the contract says 1 month notice and it has been less than that. The only notice that was given was a what's app message is that enough? We will wait and see what happens when the 1st tenant moves out on the 19th. The last tenant to move out had trouble getting their deposit back, they kept making exscuses about only having 3K in their bank account! You are not supposed to spend people's deposits! So the refused to move out until it was returned. They could only pay when the new tenant moved in!

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    You don't know how mentally stable that person is. This is why people don't do room shares in HK but all you newbies insist on it. It isn't worth the trouble.

    You can tell the owner, run a land search and try to find the owners contact details but even then the owner might not care. The landlord would only be able to sue for possession and possible losses but likely not to be any losses. Easy to relet in HK. You can't just say you did something bad now pay and go to jail. There needs to be loss to the owner.

    Also if you sue the guy who is subletting illegally. I'm not sure what you can get besides getting out of your lease and your deposit back and collecting on that from someone who doesn't have the money is not possible.

    How many days off work do you plan to spend on this. Think realistically.

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    Move out and put your stuff in storage as already been said.

    Once all yor stuff is out then snitch to the landlord.

    Don't waste your time and money on the small claims court.

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    Storage space?? Maybe take a look at this Groupon offer......]3-Months Storage with Boxful

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