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China con gang impersonating China police, are we in any danger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shri
    Fax!! Ask them to fax you the info.

    Everyone knows, all important papers are sent via telephonic facsimile and not via voice, IM or the interwebs.
    In HK, yes. In China, it's moved on with the times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HKthe
    "I don't speak chinese".

    Done. Hangup. Who knows how many potential scams I've avoided.
    There is no reason for me to accept a call in Cantonese, especially Mandarin. Anybody who knows me knows I speak English and anything important Eg. Immigration, revenue, my bank, work, whatever will be communicated to me in English. There is zero reason to deal with these people. It's either a cold call or scam.
    I get lots of cold calls, I just speak english with my British accent, after a couple of seconds, they always hang up, always.

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    Just tell them that you live at 627 Canton Road -the police station for YTM.

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    a few years back, I got a call from a man, who claimed to be Hong Kong police, I got suspicious, asked him for his name/badge number/designation/posting location and phone number to call back.

    I called back.. and guess what..
    He was real police

    So if in doubt, ask their designation, posting location and phone number etc, and call back at the main phone number of the Police station where they are posted and ask for their name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckster007
    Come on man has your wife not seen all the reports of people being conned every month. Why would she give all that information away. Anways like others said, go to the nearest police station, report everything.
    Be really useful if someone tell me what channel and time the cantonese version of "Police report" is on. English version on every Saturday at 1820 on TVBpearl
    she interested in learning

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