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    Not friggin' Lamma no more!
    Quote Originally Posted by canman:
    someone has also mentioned the Y in Jordan as a possibility. does anyone know about this place and the cost?
    Jordan's way too far away- you'll lose all your saved money on travel- and your mind too. You can rent a 350sqft flat on Lamma for 2,500 and have it all to yourself! Your travel to town will be a minimum of HKD22 per day on ferries and HKD16 on MTR's though- that's another HKD800p/m based on a 21 working day month.

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    You said you would be working in Quarry Bay (thats on hong kong island) Jordan is on kowloon side, crossing the harbour by ferry, bus or mtr will quickly add up.

    I would consider living closer on HK island, perhaps, shau kei wan, or chai wan. Both have MTR station (underground rail) linking to Quarry. Unlike other cities the MTR is fast, cheap, and clean.

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    thanks for all of your help:

    are there flates on shau kei wan or chai wan that are in my budget? is shueng wan a reasonable commute to quarry bay?

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    Question Me TOO!!!

    Even I'm moving into HK in a month and a half. Ive been trying to find out if I can survive there at 9000 a month.. Ive been considering Lamma Island myself.. apparently its quiet and peaceful.. with bigger rooms for lesser rents. How does one find out about these apartments, have been trying to look at websites.. but really nothing worth while came up. Another option would be sheung wan since its apparently close to stanley street ( which is where office is ). Knowitall tells me that there are some old chinese buildings which have cheap room sharing and the area itself at large is pretty inexpensive as well. so if anyone there ( or at Lamma ) could help me out with average rentals for a small room etc.,... also are these rooms furnished?
    Well any other advice,,, I need it!!!

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    You can rent an urban area suite (room with bathroom) at 2.2k per month, which has some basic furniture. You can also bargain with landlord to see if he can lower the rent. But of course, the location is not expat or classy area. It is very safe. You need to read local Chinese newspaper classified section to look for them.

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    Come on guys, the ferry ride is one of the best bargains in town, only $2 to cross between HK to Kowloon! But in any case, since every (HK) dollar counts these days, its probably best to stay on HK-side. Sheung Wan to Quarry Bay is about 20min ride on the MTR. SKW may be cheaper and closer, but you will be about 30min (again, MTR) from Central if that is a concern at all to you. Chai Wan is the end of the line, and gets very local so it may prove quite a culture shock in that regard. Bear in mind MTR is the most expensive form of public transport, even if it is (usually) fast and efficient, there's also buses, minibuses, and (cheapest trams which can be reasonable alternatives at times. You'd probably not want to take the tram to work from Sheung Wan to QB every day though, you'd grow old by the time you get to work!