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Standard Chartered change their air miles conversion rate: not good

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    Standard Chartered change their air miles conversion rate: not good

    At the moment it takes 15,000 SC credit cards points to get 1000 Asia Miles. From the end of February that will increase to 25,000 for 1000 Asia Miles. Fortunately I happened to notice and transferred a large number of SC points that had been accumulating for years. Quite miffed that there was no communication with my statement about this (or perhaps there was and I missed it)

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    I know your post is about credit card spending to miles conversion rates but it's also worth remembering that sir miles rival the Zimbabwe dollar and the Venezuelan bolivar as the world's fastest depreciating currency:

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    If you want Asia miles, get the Standard Chartered Asia miles card. No bullshit conversion from points to miles necessary and 15,000 points to 1000 miles was always a bad conversion rate before anyway, even if you have the high end Priority card that gives double points ($7500 spending to get 15,000 points). There are much better ways to get Asia miles than this.

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    If you want AM with your CC spend do read the very detailed FT thread.