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Buying a Chromebook in HK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob2020:
    I also would recommend picking up a (relatively recent) second hand Chromebook and trying it out.

    I paid $1300 for mine (absolute bargain really).
    You might find you can live the Chrome life... maybe not.

    Dip your toes in without getting burnt and mixing too many metaphors
    Or, as I linked above, you can try running ChromeOS (but not the Google version) from a USB key on an existing machine...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgoodkat:
    Really? I've found good chromebooks to be expensive. Acer 715 $649 USD, 2.2-GHz Intel Core i3-8130U CPU, 64GB of flash memory and an Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU
    Asus Chromebook flip 436 starts at $800 USD
    Other than having Android readily integrated, I don't see any point.

    Firstly I dont' find them to be good value for money, they aren't that low specked... why go for these specs/price/lock. When you are going for a 4GB even 2GB Mind LInux or others will give a full distro and no lock in.... it works great even in very old machines without using SSDs. If you add SSDs you will see flawless performance with 4GB. Without SSD putting swap on a USB decent USB2 stick is will give you good response. Also installing and running of a USB stick when you are transitioning from another OS is pretty acceptable, even on laptops that could be 10 years old.

    For US$800 you have pretty crazy new laptop. For US$250-300 you a very beefy send hand one without an of the Chromebook compromises.

    I think the world struggles to realise that Intel has not advance much on a per cpu core performance in the past 10 years.... on desktop or servers... tthey keep selling people old shit, with 10% more performance, more cores, maybe 5% power saving that (only freaks care about)...

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    Surprising to hear they aren't popular here, fast broadband speeds make Chromebooks perfect for HK

    I use mine with office 365 everyday and it is incredibly fast and efficient albeit without the native apps you are working in the browser

    Generally apps are not worth installing but the Chrome extensions for things like zoom work well

    Not for those who are doing local device intensive activities like video editing and heavy spreadsheets etc but for everyday use I can't imagine going back to windows...

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    Lenovo Chromebook Duet has been getting great reviews as a tablet with occasional keyboard use.

    Only problem, availability in the US, let alone HK.

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