Need Advice. Relocating from SG to HK

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    I think, not totally sure because I don't pay rent, that you can't claim it. But the are some differences when your employer provides the place of residence.

    For more info take a look at

    Here is also the Guide to Tax Return for Individuals

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    Before I move to Hong Kong, I compute my SG and HK salary (after tax with employer's CPF contribution) side by side to assess if they are equitable. The following are some basic area to consider:

    1) Employer CPF contribution in SG versus MPF contribution in HK (only 5%)
    2) Employer CPF contribution on AWS & Bonus (no cap) versus no MPF contribution on AWS / Bonus in HK
    3) Income tax difference - you can use this calculator (see URL below) to project your income tax in HK
    4) For housing allowance, I treat it as part of my income for income tax assessment to be on the conservative side (see this URL -

    The above are some point in general. It will depends on many other factors depending on your package in SG such as car park and ERP benefits, country club benefits, etc


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    The rental is dependent on how far away from HK island u are willing to stay. The diff in price of normal food and transportation is not that substantial as compared to the rental amount which may be more than half your current salary. Make sure u ask for enough money to cover your rental.

    400sqft is a bit small for 2 persons( maybe possible). I think it's less than half the size of a 5 room hdb flat. Maybe u will have to get something bigger for 2.

    Definitely the more money, the merrier and you don't lose out. But you still have to think of the possibility of your prospective employer getting a cheaper alternative locally. Don't push too much if you are really keen to work and live in HK. Good luck.

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