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Violent Crime Rate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crankshaft:
    HK turning into a police state, freedom of speech eroding away, quarantine and masks until Jesus comes, most expensive city in the world, living in a shoe box, unbearable summer heat/humidity, dirty air...
    But but but... Low taxes!
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    ...& giveaways! woohoooo

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    Thumbs down Go back to my country of origin? - over my dead body !!

    I - long ago - decided that *I* didn't want to try to live in Southern England.

    In 1967 - I quit the Harold Wilson regime and set out to wander the overland trail to Australia & New Zealand & back again.

    I was happy to pass 9 months in the Caribbean after deciding that "Grotty Britain" was no better than when I left it !

    Thence a 6 year Mercenary stint in the Sultanate of Oman, and culminating in a 44 year (and still going) marriage to a HK Island Chinese lady.


    I have read - all to frequently - about murders and assorted attacks on old & young in UK, and WE - my wife & I - prefer the (relative) safety of HK.

    I expect - as a Permanent Resident - to "turn up my toes" in HK and never to flee back to "Rotten to the Core" Britain.

    Of course YMMV, but I ain't going back, nor would my wife !

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