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Happy Diwali

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    Happy Diwali

    Shubh Deepavali
    Happy Diwali

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    Yeah, I remember being introduced to it in Singapore's Sri Mariamman Temple. However since this dates back to 1976, I can't be sure of the Temple's spelling.

    I do recall it was but a slight slowdown in my "Hitch-hike around the world" before I got a ship to Darwin - having replenished my paltry £65 that bar steward Harold Wilson had ungraciously allowed me to take when I left England !

    I was in the "Sterling Area" and could get some cash out'a grotty Britain.

    A very much slimmed down Englishman arrived in Oz, only to have my "Iron Rations" seized by the Customs Dept there !

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    A bit early for most Indians, although some start the festival and rituals early.

    The main celebration is on the 24th.

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    I think, therefore, that it was an early start in Singapore as I sailed away the very next day - glad that the departure was not on (Friday?) the 13th of October 1967.