Emigrating to HK from UK

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    Question Emigrating to HK from UK....help!

    My partner and I want to move to Hong Kong, we both have British passports. I have family there, an uncle who owns a primary school, an old peoples home and has built a mosque. My uncle says he will give us jobs, if we want to work there, I have no idea how much we will be paid. As for living arrangements I am sure my family will help out in finding us accomodation.
    What would I need to go in regards to making the first steps? I've looked on HKs government website, but still a bit puzzled.
    Will it be a working visa we'll need to apply for, and are they only valid for 12 months?
    Many thanks for your time.

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    You will have a tourist visa once you enter HK and this will be valid for 6 months. Before you can work, you need to apply for a working visa + your employer will need to sponsor you + your employer must demonstrate that this position can not be filled by a local employee. This can be quite tricky and is not a definite yes! You will need to bring copies of your uni degrees + other qualifications.
    Once you have a working visa, this will be valid for 1 year. You then have to apply for an extension.
    Good luck