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    Thanks folks

    Thanks for the advice folks... For what it's worth, I'm not aware of any relevant currency limits from either the UK or HK, and I can't find any references to any online... I guess now I've boasted about the size of my wad, I'm going to have to turn up to a night out and buy a round - although it's not that big a wad, and I'm sure HK booze prices won't do it any favours

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sazzy:
    If you have a HSBC bank account in the UK and one here in HK - can you transfer the cash over? or banker's draft?
    Yeah, through the Internet Bank - but you need to register the account in person at a branch office.

    I transfer money to my sister in UK (HSBC) from my HK account (HSBC) often. so far no problems.

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    zatoichi - do you get charged much for transfering withing HSBC accounts? I need to send money home to pay bills in UK - so want an idea of what to plan for

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    I get personal cheques from the UK which I cash at a money changer in TST for no fee at the travellers cheque rate. If you want to do this on a regular basis, you need to opewn an account with the money changer first.

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    Go up several posts and you will find a link from KIA to HSBC's tariffs.