BlackBerry plan?

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    BlackBerry plan?

    Hi guys,
    I will be working in HK for 2 months and wondering if there are any short term BB plan?

    I only need basic text messages + calling minutes + push emails (as I need to stay connected with friends overseas)

    Is there any plan that only includes push emails (rather than entire internet data plan). E.g. In US I am using T-mobile, which has BlackBerry push emails services for 10 USD/month. (plus my basic individual cell phone plan)

    If not, what's the cheapest plan among all carrier that will meet my criteria?



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    Not heard if a short term blackberry plan. There are plenty of pay as you go Internet data plans though. Are you tied to your blackberry or can you switch to an imap based push email.
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    As far as I know, last checked a few months ago there is no PAYG Blackberry plan available.

    Unlimited Email $168/month

    Peoples/China Mobile probably offer the cheapest Blackberry plan in HK, but you need to sign a 12 month contract at HK$168/month.

    Are you connecting to a BES or are you using BIS to get your emails?

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    No basically you cannot get a BlackBerry-enabled SIM without a contract in Hong Kong.

    And if you put in a normal data-enabled SIM into your BlackBerry, you can only make voice calls and do everything else EXCEPT getting e-mails. BlackBerry handhelds requires a SIM card to be specifically BlackBerry-enabled thus forces you to roam while going overseas.

    Plus I remember T-Mobile berries are SIM-locked...

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    When I first got to HK I got a CSL BIS plan without contract which I cancelled after one month. You can talk to the sales person and ask for it.

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    In da Uk? Hey, wha happen?

    TMobile is my US carrier (well, actually my wife's now, I xld my service). All TMobile phones are locked, and don't work with local SIM cards. You roam, or you buy a cheap local phone. Also, you need to sign up for worldwide roaming (free to sign up) or your phone will not work at all outside the US/Canada.

    Your Blackberry might be able to get email via WiFi if you will have access at work.

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    Why not just roam? If all you use is push email, it's not going to be prohibitively expensive. You might need a separate phone for voice/data to avoid huge charges. I have been roaming on a Telstra Blackberry for 2 years now - I carefully avoid normal data and voice and it works out much the same price as my colleagues who use smartone.