delivery service of funiture

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    delivery service of funiture


    I just landed in HK yesterday and have started my flat hunting. Originally thought of getting a fully furnished apt. But after today's viewing of several flats in Wan Chai, I found that I could have more options and lower rental by choosing a unfurnished/partially furnished apt in this area.

    IKEA is highly recommended in this forum for furniture purchase. Just wondering do I get to schedule the delivery date with IKEA or it's totally up to their arrangement? I checked their website but it only mentions the delivery will be arranged within one month after purchase.

    Besides IKEA, I'd really like to buy some used furnitures from the classifieds. But seems most sellers only accept self pickup. Considering I am new here and dont have much muscle, how can I find a local moving company? If someone has ever hired such companies for local moving, could you please share their contact number and the charge rate?

    Thanks a million in advance!!


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    IKEA is good at delivery and they will give you a time range for the day you want (it does not take a month) and call just before they come. I just furnished my Sheung Wan flat from there and Fortress for light appliances (both deliveries went fine).

    If you want to see better IKEA selection, go to Telford Gardens on the Kowloon side as it has more selection to view it seems to me.

    You could lower your rental by going west to Sheung Wan, Sai Ying Pun, Kennedy Town and get more for your money if you look carefully.

    I thought of that option of hunting down some quality used stuff but you are right. You have to go get it.

    This is a cheap service I used to move and apparently they start cheap and need little time ahead to come to you. Not sure if they speak English as my local friend called them 9667 3342.

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    for self pickup items

    Go to the place of self pickup and call for a 'man with a van'.

    Recently replied info on this thread.

    Calling the hotline mention pickup location, drop off location and that the driver needs to help moving the item. You will get a quote immedietely.

    Usually calling 15 minutes before pickup is sufficient as they have a large network of vans working all over HK.