SErvice Apt @ Central: any comment on the list?

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    Talking SErvice Apt @ Central: any comment on the list?

    Hey, Guys:

    After couple of hours internet research, I have shortlisted these Service Apts @ Central area from the info provided by the Company relocation manager, and I would like to hear if any one has any comment on it:

    I will be working in Central, office close by MRT station, single, this is just a temp housing until the relocation manager find a perm housing for me, so I assume I will stay just about 1-2 months at the service apt.

    First of all, 2 general Qs:

    1. Why some service apts have 3% government tax? Is it because that they run like a hotel?

    2. Some apt states that the Landlord will not stamp and register the license agreement, some states that the landlord can stamp, but the stamp duty will be shared by landlord and tenant.
    So, how much is that stamp duty?

    Here are the list, not in any particular order:


    Ice House:
    Looks like it is REALLY close to Central office, but there is no actual pics of the room on the web site, so cannot tell the decoration, furnishing etc. I cannot even tell it is a mid-rise or high rise bldg?
    $14,000-$22,000, plus 3% tax

    Central 88
    Good location and nice room furnishing from the web site.
    from $22,000, plus 3% tax

    The Elgin
    Right by escalator, the furnishing looks so so, but unit size seems to be big, 714sf.

    I guess I can walk from any of the above 3 apts to office @ Central, in about 10-15 mins?

    Sheung Wan

    338 Apartment
    I like the pics on their web site, looks nice and clean.
    But landlord will NOT stamp, why?
    Location, is it too far to walk to Central,
    then, I have to take MRT just for one stop 2 minutes to Central?
    $15,000 up

    The Bauhina
    Room pics look so so, cannot tell how the bldg looks like, high or mid rise?
    Location, right by the Sheung Wan MRT station.
    $13,000 up

    Anyone has stayed/lived in any of these apts?
    Any comment?

    Thanks, would appreciate your input.

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    That list looks to be about right for the $15 - $20K serviced apartment category in central.

    For this price range, can anyone please clarify if there are any more ONE BEDROOM SERVICED APARTMENTS available? (Studio is also fine, if there is a separation of some kind between the bedroom and living room).

    I am aware of the following 1 bedroom properties within the $15-$20K range:

    1. 338 Apartment
    2. The Bauhinia
    3. Manhattan Heights
    4. The Elgin
    5. Erba (prob costs a bit more than $20)

    Any others ?

    Also, a separate question - do people know if most serviced apartments mind if you have additional visitors occassionally staying over (e.g, on the sofa bed, or on separate fold away bed that we buy ourselves)? I know most hotels would mind, but serviced apartments don't really care right? (i.e, once u've paid the rent, you can do whatever you like with the apartment for the lease term?)

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    try soho 69 at 69 hollywood road. It did the job for us, clean, modern and its really convenient, but depends on availabity.

    The prices vary greatly from around 15K - 24K depending on which floor. I have a contact and photo's if you pm me you email address.

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    Shoho, can you send me the info on [email protected]?

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    sai wan ho


    Just in terms of distance it is only a short walk - 10 mins from Bauhina and 15 from 388 to central. It will take longer to walk down to the mtr, wait for a train and then walk back up through central station than it will will to walk directly.

    Ice house street is about 24 floors (a guess based on two things - probable plot ratio, I pass it in a taxi a few times a week). I know someone staying there and he seems to be hapy with it but I can find out specifics if you want. In terms of locations it is adjacent to the FCC and super close to LKF (central's bars area).

    As these are only short term accomodation you don't need to worry about stamp duty as you won't as far as I understand be signing up to a HK standard tenancy agreement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnowItAll:
    Shoho, can you send me the info on [email protected]?
    just sent it for you

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    Thanks, DavidHK.

    I guess you are right, for temp stay, 1 month, I don't really need stamps, then my main concern would be:

    - location: close to Central office (near MTR station), within 10-15 mins walk,
    - size: doesn't need to be big, 1-bed or even studio will be fine, just for one month stay anyway;
    - should have basic laundry+dryer facility;
    - clean and safe

    Then I will find a perm place in one month, hopefully.

    For now, from what I get here, my preference would be:
    1. Ice House, good location;
    2. 338 Apt, nice room;
    3. Central 88
    I will talk to my relocation manager tonight and find out what she suggests.

    Thank you for the input.

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    I live in 338 Apt. on a long term lease (1 year). I love it, it's clean, very well maintained, great decor and only 15 mins walk to my office near IFC. About 50% of the people living there are on long-term leases.

    If you're asking about stamp because you want to enrol in your company's rental reimbursement program tell them this:

    South Jacob Limited T/A 338 Apartment is holding a License granted under the Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation Orientation which does not require a stamp duty for signing of our License Agreement Therefore we do not need the processing of stamp duty.

    I have no idea what it means but my HR was happy that it satisfied the legalities surrounding the program.

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    Hi, adZ:

    Thanks a lot for the comment on 338 Apt. That's exactly what I was trying to get, the first hand experience from people who actually have/had lived there.

    Yeah, from the web site, the room looks clean, sleek and tastefully decorated. I like it.

    Talked with my relocation manager last night, we came up with the 3 service apts in Central, for 1 month temp stay, before we find a perm place:
    - Ice House (location is good)
    - 338 Apt (I like it, she will check how far it is by walking to Office)
    - The Elgin (She said it's good, by escalator with bigger size, 714sf)
    She will check for more details, such as availability, rent inclusive/exclusive, etc.

    Since you are on a long term lease on a service apt, I have a Q for you ---

    I think I am not going to bring any furniture and electronics from the States to HK, casue I heard the unit size is smaller there, and you cannot use the electronics due to the different codes and voltage etc.

    May I ask for your thought on taking Service Apt for long term lease?

    From your experience, why did you choose:
    - Service Apt vs
    - furnished or semi-furnished vs
    - unfurnished apt?
    Will it be better off to rent an unfurnished unit and buy all the furnitures and electronics by yourself?

    I would think, at the minimum, the kitchen should be furnished with fridge, stove, microwave, oven, dishwasher, etc. Right?

    What about washer and dryer, do they usually have it in unit, or some kind of community laundry facility in the building?

    If you have time, I hope you could share some of your thoughts.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Summit

    Yes, from my research so far all serviced apartments have all the kitchen appliances you mentioned. If the apartments don't have washing machine, there will be a communal area.

    I have a couple of questions for you (maybe you can answer after ur relocations manager replies to you?)

    1) How far to walk from 338 to Exchange square / IFC area - on the map it doesn't look that close

    2) There are a couple of older serviced apartments by the escalator (e.g, the Elgin or Full View House ) - they don't have a website by themselves. Does anyone know how we can go about leasing them without engaging a local agent ?

    Many thanks

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