DB facilities for residents and their guests

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    DB facilities for residents and their guests

    Hi, I am coming to HK and thinking of moving to DB. I like the fact that some apartments (e.g. Crestmont Villa) advertise great facilities, but I would like to know:

    1. if I would have to pay further to use the facilities or if they are completely free once you are a resident;

    2. is it likely that the tennis/ squash courts and golf facilities will be easily available or do they get very crowded (especially outside work hours);

    3. can you bring guests who live on HK island and if so how much do they have to pay.

    Any help with answering these points would be very much appreciated.



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    Sai Kung

    facilities are NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT free!!!!

    you pay $400/mnth for the club house. then if you wan tto join the gym you pay another $300/month (when you sign up you pay $1000 deposit and $500 administratin fee).

    if you want to use the facilities, ie the squash courts, the tennis courts, etc, you pay a little more(swimming is free)....

    golf club you pay WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more.

    you can bring guests they pay a lot more($50-100 for swimming)....

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    ... and not to mention that you have to sign a long-term contract with the residence club (at least 6 months) and if you discontinue your membership you have to pay a penalty before they allow you to rejoin.