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    Question good or bad - any advice???

    Ok, ready for a good a..e kicking but here goes. I have been to HK twice now and plan aonther two week trip in december of this year. I am strongly consideing a move to Kowloon for maybe one year, maybe longer. Any views are easy is it to live there, cost of living (I have my own internet based business), ease of finding accomodation etc - any views????


    Tim (UK)

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    Kowloon-side, between work and pleasure

    I live on Kowloon side, in part because my office is on this side, in partbecuase I wanted to experience the city in ways many expats never do. Sometimes I am thrilled with that choice...sometimes I long for the typical expat existence!
    So...decide what you really want first. In my opinion, Kowloon has everything HK has without the attitude...but also without the cool urbane expat-in-Asia that makes for that attitude.
    Most K-side expats pick TST and environs. For me, the area matters much less than lots of light, high ceilings, and a spacious feeling. I could not likely get the space I have in a partially furnished place HK-side for the same rent.

    I chose an old building, no services, because the flat is larger (I came from 4200 sq ft and looked at flats the size of my dining room table). I have an unobstructed view toward green hills and a 5 minute max walk to the MTR. The MTR makes it easy to get anywhere. Living on Kowloon side, you'll see both sides. Living on Hong Kong Island, I find that many people just stay there. Now...if I could afford Repulse Bay...I'd change my tune ;-)

    Good luck - send a note if you have specific questions.


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    JJ, which area do you live? i'm looking for a 1-bedroom apt which is accessible to tsuen wan (my working place) and island (for chill out during weekends).

    wat do you mean by partially furnished? does it mean the kitchen has refrigerator, cooking stove and washing machine???

    i have furniture and i wonder if it makes sense to bring them.

    i'm given a housing allowance of HKD8-10k per month. will be in hk either this fri or next fri for a visit.