Any comment on : The Bauhinia Service Apt?

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    Question Any comment on : The Bauhinia Service Apt?

    We are looking for temporary stay for about 1 month while doing permanent house hunting.The relocation manager sent me the info about this place for review:

    The Bauhinia - Studio (550 sq.ft.), HKD$20,000
    (newly renovated)
    119 - 120 Connaught Road Central

    Any comment?

    - How close walking to Central office? 10 mins, or 15 mins?
    - what about surrounding area?
    - what about Building Service?


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    that building must be new. pictures look nice! I don't know the facilities, but from the map, it's about 10 walk to the Landmark, 15 min to the ferry. (I used to live in Discovery Bay, take the ferry to work, office was in the Landmark building). Surrounding area, there is a theater near you, all the fancy shoppings are there too, and Lan Kwai Fang (the pubs and bars) is on the hill about 15 min walk from this place.

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    Thanks, nnhn.
    The location seems to be good.

    Is this a high rise or mid rise bldg? Any one knows?

    Personally, I would prefer the style of :
    338 Apt
    But, looks like none of these have vacancy in the coming month:-(

    Will check out more, then make decision.

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    I stayed here for one month but found it very noisy - with many doors to slam per floor and being right next to a busy road and flyover. If you don't mind noise, then the place is clean and tidy and the staff are very friendly.

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    Whilst I haven't seen the apartments myself, I recently spoke to some people who have stayed there and here is some info they have told me:

    1) It's located on the border of sheung wan / central, and convenient to local shops, but next to a freeway-like road so very noisy and smelly. 10 mins walk to most places in central. BUT It's not an expat area, when compared to somewhere like midlevels or places next to the lower escalator.

    2) It's a mid to high rise building about 5-8 years old. (They weren't sure if this was exactly right, but they guessed)

    3) Beware - The rooms are very small I have heard. Nowhere near the 555 sq ft they quote. More like 300 sq ft. (U have to be careful in HK, they sometimes have 'suspicious' practices, like counting bay window areas, lift lobby, even the lift itself in the quoted sq ft).

    4) The advantage is that they are one of the cheapest serviced apartments available in central (around 15K). I'm sure you can negotiate the 20K down.......unless ur apartment is on the top floor or something.

    Hope this helps. If anyone else has other info, please post here !