Must i be accompanied.

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    Must i be accompanied.

    Well i just found some old documents like 25 years ago from my dad. We are going to HK next month but we just found out that he has his HK ID # only not the card. Does he still have to go to HK to get a HK ID in order for me to get one? He has a re-entry passport to China, Macau and HK. (red book, not BNO)

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    Drop the folks over at Emigra a line. We're about to sort out an arrangement with them where they will help our members answer some basic questions.

    Send a private message to Nick at Emigra by clicking here.

    He would be able to help you answer some basic questions. They also have paid services for more complex cases (just like yours).

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    Thanks, thats true, we hope to be able to assist all of you who have any immigration questions or quiries. As every single case if different everyone seems to face some issues that need answers.

    Emigra will also be providing the latest immigration news and facts on Hong Kong immigration for everyone who visits Geoexpat each day. All of you who are in Hong Kong already know that Hong Kong immigration has changed considerably this year.

    Catch you all later in the forums.

    Nick Willsher
    Client Service Manager
    Emigra Asia Ltd