Looking for Mandarin-speaking nanny / au pair

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    Looking for Mandarin-speaking nanny / au pair

    We are moving from Beijing to HK early next year. Our young children (aged 3 & 4) are bilingual in both Mandarin and English. We will be sending them to bilingual pre-schools but would like to keep up their exposure to Mandarin outside of school - hence we are considering hiring either a Mandarin-speaking nanny / au pair or an after-school tutor (although we do not want formal tutoring sessions, rather playtime / supervision in Mandarin). Does anyone have experience with this, or know where I could find such a person? We are willing to consider live-in or live-out / part-time or full-time. They do not have to be english-speakers as my Mandarin is good enough to communicate our needs!
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    I'm not sure about Au pair, but you should be able to find some Mandarin speaking DH from the placement agencies that are trying to place the "locals".

    There are some formal mandarin playgroups that meet once a week, I also heard of a mandarin playgroup being held in someone's home, so that may also be an option depending on what part of town you live in.

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    Hi , I am beijinger lived in Zhuhai Guangdong, I lived in HK last year and I taught Chinese to local people and some foreighers there. If u r interested, please contact : [email protected]