Domestic Help & lots of other questions

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    Domestic Help & lots of other questions

    Hi All,
    My husband has been offered a job in HK so I'm on a bit of a fact finding mission. We have a 9 month old and although I won't be working FT I hope to do a couple of hours of teaching a week. My husband is dead set against having a live in helper (loss of privacy etc) so I'm wondering how to go about employing a PT live out. I'm a pretty tidy person so really evisage having someone 3 days a week to clean, cook the evening meal & do a bit of ironing. The thing is I'd like to be able to go off and maybe have some me time and so would want the helper to look after our son too. (obviously in those cases he'd be more important than the cleaning chores) I'd also like them to do some baby sitting once or twice a week in the evenings. Is this a reasonable request? Where should I be looking to employ someone? How much is a reasonable wage? We hope to live in DB although my husband would be working near Times Square- any thoughts? Any help/ tips would be VERY gratefully received .
    Thanks :-)

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    You have three main options:
    1. Hire a local on a part time basis. This is legal but they may not speak english. Not sure about wages.
    2. Hire someone from an agency like "merry maids". This is legal but you might get a different person every day thus could be an issue.
    3. "Share" a live-in helper with somebody else who has one - this is cheapest but not actually legal (but common). They will probably speak english, be cheap and trained. If you go for 3, you just need to find a friend with a similar requirement!