Any shipping company recommendation?

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    Question Any shipping company recommendation?

    Hi all,

    My wife and I are Hong Kong citizens. After living in US for awhile we both decided to leave US and going back to Hong Kong. We have quite a lot of books and clothes that we would like to keep (No furniture). I am wonder whether you all have any recommendation for shipping company who will ship those for a reasonable price (I am not in a hurry to receive those things). In addition, do I need to pay any tax for our belongs? Any tips for dealing with those companies?

    Thanks all!


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    Not too sure about shipping companies FROM the USA but I used Allied Pickfords from UK and was very pleased with their service.

    Try to pick a large well know company, it may cost a bit more but at least you have peace of mind. Most will discount if you use and pack your own boxes, so check with them as they usually quote for packing as well.

    There is no tax that I am aware of on incoming personal shipments.

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    Santa Fe comes highly recommended by people who have moved from the US.

    They're very active with the American community here.

    Do keep in mind that moving companies prefer to move by the container.

    If you have less than a container you may want to look at freight companies (try the local China town .. they may have contacts to a no-frills company).