Grandview Garden Building at 18 Bridges St

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    Grandview Garden Building at 18 Bridges St

    Anyone live there? any comments are appreicated

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    Saw this old post. Decided to reply as I live at Grandview Garden now. Overall it's a great building, very convenient in Soho. I work in Central, so its only at 10-15 minute walk to the office if the weather is nice. Lots of buses and minibus available on Caine Rd.

    Bridges St is nice and quiet, so no traffic noises from Caine or Hollywood Rd. No issues with mgmt office. They've been responsive to all sorts of requests.

    We can see IFC and some harbour view from Tower 1. I know the view from some of the higher flats are quite nice.

    The building is a bit old (I think 15 years?) but it's a great value given Centrestage and Hollywood Terrace are next door but almost double the price.

    Hope this helps.