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    Question Elizabeth House, CWB


    Anyone live in Elizabeth House in CWB? I am looking for reviews or thoughts. I am going to look at a break lease there tomorrow and want some candid reviews of the place.


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    I almost lived there. In the end, I chose another CWB location since I felt that the asking rent was too high at Elizabeth House. That said, the common areas at EH are far nicer than my decrepit building.

    Whatever you decide, be sure to ask a few pointed questions about the frequency of renovations/demolitions in the building, esp your upstair and downstair neighbors. What the property management's policy is with respect to noise, etc. It seems everything in CWB is under renovation these days. This is especially true if you are on a low floor or are paying a premium for a sea view.

    Lastly, keep in mind that CWB is really crowded and noisy. Accessing EH from the back (jaffe road) is also pretty disgusting. The pavement is narrow and always covered with kitchen? spillage from the restaurant back entrances. Delivery trucks are always clogging up space as well.

    The front entrance can also be frustrating during rush hours since it can be backed up with traffic from the constant road construction along Gloucester Road.