My background is extensively Fine Dining - although I've been in Sales for the past 3 years - I am curious as to what the people of HK would think of an American born, part Chinese (dad's side), seasoned Chef with fluency in English, Spanish, some Italian... and a real desire to get to know Chinese culture / language. Is this just completely mad, or do I have a shot? I am not heavily degreed, just an Associate's in Marketing, and 3 years of Culinary Apprenticeship, 7 total in Culinary - with certification. I've also won a number of awards for culinary competitions (Pro and Amateur), and have a natural proficiency for languages and working in multi-cultural settings. Here in the USA it seems that cooks are becoming a dime-a-dozen, which is why I transitioned into the Corporate World of Sales... I feel that I have a lot to offer in terms of teaching others to cook, or being a private Chef for some families in HK... somebody smack me on the back of the head if I need it!